Cookie Thursday 12/29/22-pomegranate chocolates

This is the last Cookie Thursday is a Thing of 2022.

And CTIAT is always about experimentation. I was given a pomegranate and I wondered what to do with it. The first thing I did was de-seed it, wearing gloves, and set them aside.

And in my pantry, I had melting wafers, vanilla and chocolate. Except I couldn’t find the chocolate ones (I blame my husband and the desire for sweets he knows he should not have. I used my double boiler and melted some chocolate chips to use instead.

I laid the white chocolate melting wafers onto a cookie sheet and stuck them into a 250-degree Fahrenheit oven for a few minutes.

I took the melted chocolate chips in the double boiler and dolloped quarter-size circles onto another cookie sheet.

Moving quickly, I pressed a couple of pomegranate seeds into the melted chocolate. By the time I had finished with the chocolate, the white chocolate was ready to come out of the oven. And I repeated the process.

Once pomegranate seeds were pressed into each chocolate wafer or dollop, I set the trays on the front porch to cool.

We’ll see if this works.

If not, I have another batch of Chex mix in the oven.

This Cookie Thursday is about using what is available and not going out to buy different chocolate wafers to fulfill the vision. And this is something that is needed in all hospital settings.

It is not about not having what the surgeon thinks they want in any given situation. It is about being mentally flexible enough to give the surgeon what they need in a particular instance and within what you have.

Last week an ENT surgeon wanted a certain clip that he has used at other hospitals to stop bleeding. The hospital where he was doing a hemorrhage case doesn’t have what he requested as they rarely perform ENT surgery. Okay. Let’s think about what else can be used in the hospital you are now, instead of pining for what we don’t have.

Boom, we came up with another solution and used it. The bleeding stopped, and the patient was safe. Even not having exactly what the surgeon wanted.

What else can be asked for?

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