Monday Musing 12/12/22-Covid round up

Okay. It’s been a minute since I did one of these.

Not that Covid is gone. Oh, no, not in the slightest.

Not that Covid is not still killing people, including Americans. Oh, no, not in the slightest.

Not that there are other viruses that are killing and sickening everyone. Oh, no, not in the slightest.

This should be old hat to us. Get vaccinated, the life you save may be your own. Get boosted, the life you save will probably not be your own but someone who is unable or unwilling to get vaccinated. Like, at all, not even one shot.

I was walking a family member back from the surgical waiting room, explaining that most people want to go home, especially after laparoscopic surgery, because of the hospital’s high patient count. Especially high with the three viruses that are trying to kill us. Yes, THREE. Covid, influenza, and RSV. And honestly after a non-complicated surgery, in an otherwise healthy patient, it might be safer outside the hospital than in.

The family member stopped me and said something that I had no response to, “Oh, we don’t believe in Covid. Or vaccines. I’ll kiss someone who is infected on the mouth and prove it.”



I continued my spiel, “Well, anyway, there is not a lot of rest to be had in the hospital. The patient will sleep better at home in their own bed.”

It took everything in me not to shake the person and tell them and that is why we are still in this mess. But I didn’t. And that is all I have to write about that.

Three things of note.

Zero Covid has ceased in China. This was a policy that stated that the goal for China was zero incidence of covid transmission. Many things happened when that did not come to pass. There were riots, multi-city, many thousands of people, against the policy. And they scrapped it and allowed life to go on as before the pandemic. But it isn’t before the pandemic. Life needs to be different now.

Why is that so hard to understand?

In New Zealand, parents would not consent for life-saving surgery for their four-month old infant. Unless the hospital could ensure that no blood from a covid vaccinated donor was used for the surgery. The baby would have needed blood due to the nature of the surgery. The blood pipeline is not set up like that and there would be no way of ascertaining with donated blood was from a person who had been vaccinated. The father said that he was aware of the potential impact of not allowing the surgery to happen. Was he though? Or would he have been the first to yell lawsuit when the baby died. Because the baby would have died without the surgery. New Zealand took emergency custody and ensured the surgery could take place.

I cannot even imagine what misinformation poisoned their minds. No, wait, yes I could.

And sometimes I get random ‘on this date, you posted this’ memories. And yesterday, 12/11/2021, I wrote about it being the day that America marked 800,000 dead. And, just now when I looked, the death toll in America is one million, eighty-four thousand, five hundred twenty-six.


That is an additional 284,521.

American dead.

Of Covid.

In three hundred and sixty-six days.

Of something we have the tools, like vaccination, to fight.

But no, people want to live their lives as they used to back in 2019.


Yes, I am using it as a swear word.

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