Cookie Thursday 12/8/22-Chex Mix

Continuing this month’s theme of Holiday the make of the week is Chex Mix.

I’ve made it before. Twice, I think, last December, plus once in late winter.

This is one of the most requested recipes from the department.

The familiarity of Chex Mix is like wrapping yourself in a warm cardigan, sipping on some tea. It is a big part of my Christmas baking, and a big mover in celebrations, or sitting at home in the afternoon and evenings, in the light of the Christmas tree, reading a book.

It is also non-denominational. And non-partisan.

I find it comforting and therefore I make it every year, only around the holidays. When the evening darkness comes early and the outside temperature is dropping.

And there might be the precipitation of your choice outside.

I prefer rain.

Because people around here can’t deal with the white stuff.

We’ve already had a run on hips from people falling on slick leaves.

No need to add ice and such into the mix.

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