Monday Musing 11/28/22-slippery fallen leaves

There has been such an upswing in the number of broken hips that surgeons in other specialties not orthopedic are starting to notice. Mostly because repairing broken hips clogs up the schedule, but yeah.

One of them asked me during a night case what was up with all the fractured hips.


Lookit all the colors on the leaves!

Isn’t it bootiful?

Yes. Fall foliage is pretty.

The chlorophyll production that the trees live on in the spring and summer is slowing down, preparing the tree for the colder months. This produces the color change, and the leaves dropping as they are no longer useful to the tree.

And fallen leaves are slick. Especially when they have built up into layers.

It’s kind of like being on a sudden ice skating rink.

And gravity wins. Every time.

If it isn’t your hands out to catch you and the wrist breaking, it is the hip hitting the unforgiving ground and breaking.

All the seasons have their own trip and fall hazards. Spring has people newly released from their homes and the yardwork that needs to be done, Summer has garden hoses and gardening mishaps. Winter is what is traditionally thought of as broken hip season.

Not true.

Hazards abound year round. Just do all the ORs a favor and review how to fall. Maybe practice a little in a safe, cushioned environment.

Just wait until the ice comes.


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