Monday Musings 11/21/22- imposter syndrome


There’s an imposter in my house.

My mental house that is.

No, not really, but imposter syndrome is a real thing that impacts many people daily. So many people, maybe even you. Probably you if you are in healthcare.

According to the American Psychological Association, it is the chronic feeling of inadequacy, despite being a high achiever.

To put simply it is the incorrect belief that you do not belong there. No matter where there is. It might be a corporate office, or a hospital department, or, oh I don’t know, a grad school.

Despite the hours you’ve worked to get to the office, or the hospital department you want to work in. Or the application process for a grad school program. All of that says you belong here, otherwise you would not be there.

But our gut tells us that we do not belong. That all of the accolades, and praise, and maybe high grades that got us there, were lying. Or misrepresenting us.

Because we are not a person who deserves to be where we are.

It is the ultimate mind-fuck.

But, Kate, if I feel I don’t belong even if I do, what can I do about it?

Lie to yourself. After all, your mind is lying to you.

Act as if you do belong. Because you do.

Be confident that you belong where you are. See above point.

Be aware that your brain is lying to you. You do belong.

I could be glib and tell you to keep reminding yourself that you do belong.

And, maybe, eventually you’ll believe it.

Stop wasting the mental and emotional energy on thoughts and feelings that you don’t belong. Someone obviously thought you did.

Believe in yourself and your abilities.

It is best to have yourself in your own corner.

You have this, you belong, you are not in the wrong place.

Most importantly, it will be okay.

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