School Me Saturday 11/19/22- end of semester nears

The semester is drawing to a close.

And you know what means.

End of semester tests.

And papers.

So many pages.

It seems like we had just gotten through midterms.

But where there is a midterm, there will be a final.

Kind of like peanut butter and jelly, they apparently go together. I tried.

How to support your student while they study for the end of semester tests.

Be patient.

If the test in in-person, consider driving them to the test. If you have time to spare and want to wait around for the test to be over.

If the test is a virtual one, essentially an open book test, give them space and time to work on the problems. And encouragement to work on the test a little bit every day.

Otherwise their head may spin on the due date; obviously because they did not work on the test in a timely manner.

Reassure them that it is going to be okay.

Do not let them obsessively add up the semester points to see what will be required for the grade they want.

Caffeine will probably be key.

And sleep.

And if they are hip deep in reference books, and bunches and bunches of notes, muttering to themselves as they tear the paper with their erasing, take a deep breath yourself.

And remember this will pass.

And hopefully they will pass.

The test, of course.

I had to amend that because so many people use pass as a synonym for dying.

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