Cookie Thursday is a Thing 11/3/22- sweet potato bread bites

As befitting the cooler days and longer nights, the theme for November is fall.

Autumn, if you please.

This time evokes the coziness of the season, prior to the craziness that is December, and the exhaustion that is January.

After the Halloween rush, it is time to relax before the holidays.

Psych, just kidding!

Fall is when deductibles are met and the OR schedule goes haywire. Everyone and their brother wants to have their surgery, any surgery, after their deductible has been met. Theoretically it is cheaper then, or less money out of pocket.

I could go on a tirade about the healthcare system in America and how crazy it is that people are forgoing needed care and surgeries because otherwise it would cost too much.


Personally, I would have surgery after the new year and max out deductible and out of pocket expenses. By the same logic, any additional necessary care would be free. For the rest of the year!

Of course, this only works if you can pay your deductible. I could go on about that.


I digress.

We were discussing fall as the theme for November.

I decided to start with sweet potato bread.

This bread was remarkably easy to put together and only utilizes a cup of mashed sweet potato. The recipe has instructions for cooking and mashing the sweet potato. You can used canned, I won’t tell. I will say that 1 can of sweet potato puree that I got at end of year markdown last December made 2 loaves.

I cubed up one and half of the loaves for Cookie Thursday is a Thing. I kept the other half for us. This household prefers sweet potato to pumpkin. We just do.

Toast up a piece of sweet potato bread, make yourself a cup of tea, and enjoy the sound of leaves falling.

For the OR, this will be the last calm moments before the end of year madness.

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