Cookie Thursday 10/27/22- Double billing trick and treat cookies

Spooky cookie theme continues with the last Thursday of October.

Oh boy! This year, like all years, is going by too fast. Hell, this is the 9th week of the semester for the PhD program. Time flies.

This Cookie Thursday is a Thing is a double biller thriller- the trick and treat cookies.

In years past when I had more time I would make handmade candies for the closest Thursday before Halloween.

I made some doozies in the day-redhots, gummie bears, honeycomb candies, Halloween colored butter mints, Halloween crack candy (crackers, toffee, and chocolate), bacon crack, home made sour patch kids, candied orange and lemon peel, black licorice. The list goes on.

Invariably it rains the day I want to make candy. Which ruins the candy because it is too humid.

This year, to keep it simple, and weather minded and time constraint minded, I decided on a trick and treat theme.

S’mores cookies made with dark chocolate chips and mini marshmallows. In a basic Toll House Cookie Recipe. Did you know that marshmallows essentially melt during baking creating pockets where there should be something. I have seen these called Hocus Pocus cookies recently. Because poof! The marshmallow is gone.

Now for the trick. I ran across a pickle cookie recipe not too long ago and I was intrigued. It is sharp cheddar, pickle chips, and seasoning, if desired. I made these in both a mini muffin tin and a regular sized muffin tin, depending on the size of the pickle slices.

I was explaining the cookie types to my friend and she said these are keto cookies that her sister makes all the time (she’s a brittle diabetic and there is no sugar).

I call these the trick cookies because a pickle in cheese baked is a surprise! And I mixed up the two types of pickles and there are both dill and bread and butter pickles. Surprise!

Pickle Cookies

To make pickle chips, put a small amount of cheese in the bottom of the muffin tin that is chosen. Top with the pickle slice, add a little bit more cheese. Bake at 400 degrees for about 10 minutes. Let cool and enjoy.

The recipe calls for spraying the tins with muffin tins. I find this makes them pretty greasy and I will be omitting that step next time I make these.

I used both dill and bread and butter pickle slices. And the cheese was very sharp cheddar.

I wouldn’t kick either of these cookies out of the cookie jar. Both have their charms.

Halloween can be one of the craziest days of the year in the Emergency Room, topped only by the full moon.

What is that you say? Studies have proven that there is no such thing as the full moon affect. Tell that to the ER patient who acted out of character and stuck something where he shouldn’t. Or the one who has alcohol poisoning.

Stay tuned for a new theme coming in November.

It’ll be a howlingly good time!

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