Cookie Thursday 10/13/22- Candy Corn Cookies

To go along with this month’s theme of Spooky cookies, I chose to make Candy Corn Cookies. I make these every year. And every year, people are surprised by how good they taste.

Because candy corn undergoes an amazing transformation when heat is applied. It turns to caramel.

Transfiguration through application of heat sounds familiar to anyone in healthcare.

We are under a tremendous amount of pressure from all sides- covid, flu barreling down on us, the increase of the RSV or respiratory syncytial virus. This is a virus of the respiratory track and mostly affects children.

All of that is still dangerous though. Wear a mask, wash your hands.

It is the sudden increase in pressure that creates the heat for healthcare workers.

I mean, the hits do keep coming. All of the above respiratory viruses, over full hospitals, chock full and holding emergency rooms, increase in the OR schedule and need for more and more from the OR.

And since we are humans living in this society there are other pressures as well, including inflation.

It is no wonder that there is a nursing shortage, and an overall healthcare shortage, and a teacher shortage, and nursing school instructor shortage.

The list goes on.

Like candy corn, we have no choice but to transform.

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