Cookie Thursday 9/29/22-Rosh Hashana inspired cake

Continuing the theme of Baker’s Choice, today I chose to make a Rosh Hashana cake. Well, I have to feed a lot of people and I am adapting the recipe a little to make a very flat cake in a cookie sheet. Everything else is the same.

Rosh Hashana is also known as the Jewish New Year. And New Years are a time of new beginnings. It also marks the start of the High Holy Days in the Jewish calendar. It is marked with prayer, and the blowing of the traditional ram’s horn. And there are symbolic foods.

Being a diverse country, I think it is important to celebrate differences. I am not Jewish, but I know and work people who practice the Jewish faith. And I want to know more. Because I don’t want to make circumstances awkward for them. And they are free to celebrate their religious holidays, no matter what certain facets of our country say

It is important to celebrate these days of reflection and the 10 days of Awe.

And Jewish people are meant to reflect on where the past year has gone wrong, and how they might improve in the future. I think this is a practice that everyone needs to do, regardless of religion, regardless of time. For those of us who celebrate the New Years when the Grigorian calendar flips from December to January, this is absolutely something that we can do.

Today’s bake is a honey syrup soaked cake with cardamon and cloves for spices. And it is cooling in the kitchen on the stove before I take it to the hospital.

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