Post-it Sunday 9/25/22-The post-it vault

The folded paper state ‘Wizard of Oz. Winged monkeys leads to policy and procedure; signatures- winged pens; -paperwork’.


I write about the first paper/post-it/gown card I pluck from the stack.

And sometimes it doesn’t make a lot of sense.

This one was written in haste. I can tell because it is on a folded piece of paper.

Sometimes you have to be your own diviner of what you meant to write.

To me, this is about 2 separate issues.

That sometimes policy and procedure doesn’t make sense, brought to us by the winged monkeys from the Wicked Witch of the West. You know, the winged monkeys who did the bidding of the WWW? And terrorized Dorothy and crew.

You could assign an identity to the witch, or those who do her bidding. And relate it back to the hospital and it becomes even creepier.

The second part of the note is about signatures using winged pens. Again, this can be related back to the leadership of the hospital. Signing the aforementioned policy and procedure. The pen can be a stand in for the winged monkey. An update if you will.

Or if could be gobbly gook.

And signature?

Could be anything.

Sometimes the post-its don’t make any sense and you have to make sense of scribblings from years ago.

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