Cookie Thursday 9/22/22- butter board

The theme for the month is baker’s choice. I was going to make a standard cookie this week, but something caught my eye earlier in the week.

Have you ever heard of a Butter Board?

It is similar to a charcuterie board. That is a selection of meats, crackers or breads, cheeses, and nuts, and sometimes jellies. All forming a pleasing to the eye and mouth collection of flavors that work well together. Especially in your mouth.

The world became enchanted with the charcuterie board, especially during the pandemic.

I mean, I’ve had a few at parties, and I’ve made a couple myself.

But all that specialty meat and cheeses are expensive. And sometimes hard to source.

I was reading on Monday when I read about a Butter Board. It was in a video made viral by Justine Dorian where she made a butter board, inspired by Josh McFadden’s cookbook titled the Six Seasons. I love cookbooks and I am on the waitlist for the local library for that one.

Justine Dorian begins with a half pound of softened butter that she spreads, in an artistic manner that I don’t have time or energy for. She went on to explain that anything can be added to the butter but her explanatory board had honey, red onions, flaky salt, among other things.

Well, most Cookie Thursday is a Thing bakes begin with a half cup of butter, softened.

I was intrigued. And determined to make a butter board as this week’s make.

It was the simplest and easiest thing I’ve ever done on a Cookie Thursday. And that includes the time I dipped fruit in chocolate.

I added lemon zest, a good balsamic, flaky salt, everything but the bagel seasoning, and Mike’s Hot Honey. You know, just things I had in the pantry.

And I sliced up most of a loaf of 3 cheese bread that I had in the fridge, arranged it prettily on a cutting board, put the cutting board on a cookie sheet and added the sliced bread around it.

And then panicked when I didn’t think there was going to be enough bread and bought a loaf of French bread at the store and added it to the table.

People were already starting to dive in when I left.

My intention was to made the butter myself because have you seen the price of butter these days, using my mixer and cream but I worked ALL last night and thought sleep was more important.

Next time, mixer, next time.

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