Cookie Thursday 9/15/22- pepper jelly cheddar coins

Baker’s choice continues this month.

And, honestly, it’s kind of freeing. No defined theme for the month is definitely not something I want to go back to; already done it four years. A defined theme for the month definitely allows me to make sure I have supplies, and theming is a good research vehicle for culinary experimentation.

But, for a short time, I can absolutely continue it. I get to do recipes that I’ve found but don’t fit in a theme. Or, how this month is shaping up, department favorites that just aren’t easy to fit into a theme.

One of the earliest experimental recipes involved a teeny jar of triple pepper jelly that I had in the fridge. I didn’t want to throw it out, but it isn’t something that I would seek out to put on toast either. Baked cheddar vehicle it is.

Years ago, I was looking at decreasing processed foods in my pantry and I was experimenting with savory foods. These used the oven and the dehydrator. As this was pre-air fryer none of the non-commercially processed foods were make that way. And I love Cheez-its. And I found a recipe.

They are not hard to make. Cheddar, flour, butter, a bit of water. Roll out, bake and done. And then I thought what other cheeses can this be done with? You didn’t think I only experimented on my coworkers.

Perish the thought.

Parmesan Cheez-its are very tasty.

And the level of spice can be adjusted for taste.

As I moved job roles into the evening charge shift position, extra time fell away and I was no longer baking snack stuff. But now that I am in a different job role, I theoretically have more time to experiment on the household.

But today I have a new kind of pepper jelly. We’ll see how this goes.

You know, like always.

Rare are the weeks when there are bakes/cookies left in the cookie drawer in the lounge.

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