Booster specific to Omicron approved by FDA

Yes, I can’t believe we are still talking about covid.

It is still lethal, killing about 400 people A DAY!

I read an article where the death rate was stubbornly flat. This means that the number of people who are dying is staying consistent, day after day.

We want the number of dying a day to go down. It’s not going up, yet. That is something. But I, and all healthcare professionals, would prefer it going down. Trend lines are big in healthcare circles, and it is hard to affect a flat one.

We still don’t know how many people are infected due to the decrease in testing, and, if you are testing, the decrease in reporting of positive cases.

The perception of the pandemic is beginning to grind down. Masks aren’t required in most schools as children go back to school. Most of the population does not mask up in public, even if the local rate is red.

Free testing kits from the US government ends on Friday. England ended their free program on April 1st. Many states have ended their states of emergency for covid. The United States government extended the federal state of emergency recently until October 13, 2022.

Because it remains a serious threat to us.

I wish I could people to realize the extent of it. I get it. People are sick of covid. I’ve said it before; we are ALL sick of covid.

There is going to be a new booster shot entering the arena very soon, possible as next week soon. Maybe.

Breaking news: Omicron variants have their own booster! This is important because it remains the most prevalent variant out there, with others knocking on the door to be let in. And the covid vaccines have been proven to lose effectiveness over time.

For those of the population under 55 and not deemed vulnerable enough the wait has been long. Especially as BA.5 rages. I know my husband will be among the first in line to get it. He tried very hard to get one before we went overseas but was rebuffed. Apparently, they were wasting boosters instead of putting them in willing arms.

Covid is not over, all the wishing on a falling star, or the first star you see at night, or on a wishing well will not make it so.

I cannot stress this enough. Covid is not over, and we are heading into the colder months where infections ramp up. Thousands are dying every week. All that potential snuffed out.

Wash your hands. Wear your mask if the threat level is high where you are. This will change often, keep an eye on it.

Get your booster, the life you save may be your own.

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