Monday’s Musings 8/22/22- Grab your books, it’s school time!

I haven’t done a school update in awhile.

My school, that is.

After months of applications, and interviews, and prep work, starting day at university is finally here!

Well, not starting day. That was last week when I was finally in London celebrating my 2020 graduation with my MSN.

And not the first day on campus, that was 8/8/22 for PhD orientation.

And not the first day of my online class, that hasn’t happened yet.

After the first vacation we’ve had in three years. Because, you know, covid.

Jeeze, there’s been a lot of first days around here lately!

No, this is the first day of being a research assistant. I applied for this position right when I was accepted at the university. And I got a 10 hour position. This is one day a week, and in person. I will be leaving shortly to make the 70 minute drive to meet the doctor with whose research I will be assisting. I chose Mondays as my day to go up there. Because I have the least amount of meetings for the hospital on Mondays. I know, I know, still.

Do I know what it all entails? Nope. Stepping off into a chasm here.

Why I chose this? For the experience. I think it dovetails in my future future plans.

And I am unaccountably nervous. I mean, come on. It’s been two and a half years since I did anything like this. Look, ma, I’m in real clothes! It’s like I’m an adult or something.

I packed my lunch because I will have a lunch break. In a neat, brown paper bag. I don’t feel like I can leave the house yet, even if it is nearly time, because what if I get a case? This has happened before. I took a nap, just in case there was a surgery overnight. And then I went to bed a bit early just so I could get up early and I was, frankly, driving myself crazy with nerves.

I have an awesome new school bag. I am wearing mostly adult clothes. I have an emotional support animal in my car. This is a stuffed hedgehog, he lives there now. No, he doesn’t have a name, I’m not a child. I have a pin that says socially awkward that I will wear because I want people to be aware. Not that we are not all socially awkward in this after covid lockdown world.

I have to be at the university at 0800. I know I’m cutting it a bit close by leaving at 0630, but I have to be within 30 minutes in case I get called in. Yes, the OR starts at 0630, but the end of my shift is 0700.

Time to grab my lunch and my bag.

Let’s get started.

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