Cookie Thursday 8/18/22-ice cream social

No cookies today. As I am currently miles, and miles from home. 3977 to be exact. I thought it was farther, seems farther.

I will definitely be having a cookie today, in honor of Cookie Thursday is a Thing.

Traditionally, on the Thursday closest to the start of school, I throw an ice cream social with the assistance of the department. Some people bring ice cream, others toppings, others bowls and spoons. There is enough slots on the sign up for everyone who wants to participate.

But I cannot direct that so far from home. I hope the signs got put up last week when I sent them to the administrative assistant for the OR. I hope that people decided to participate when I was not there to direct things.

I worry about that, you know. About getting people to participate in things when I am not there everyday to remind people.

The idea of the department ice cream social is to celebrate the start of school. The hospital is smack dab in the middle of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 counties. And they all have their own school calendars and the start of school is staggered.

I know that some schools have started, and I know that some schools start next week. This week is the middle ground.

The start of school was always my favorite. I know there are some kids who enjoy it too.

And definitely some parents.

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