Post-it Sunday 8/7/22- interdepartmental relations

The gown card reads ‘I am not PACU’s bitch’.



Tells the entire story in 5 words.

I was definitely frustrated when I wrote this gown card. I could also probably tell you who I was frustrated by. And why.

But I wrote the card to remind myself to stand up to this person. And their unreasonable demands.

The feeling within the department is I work with PACU for the better of the department.

Yes, individuals may frustrate me and make me want to scream. At the end it is their misfunction that is at play here. Something tells them that I am an easy mark for bullying by yelling at me for not doing their job in addition to my own. Something is wrong.

I remember this. Or, at least, I remember the setup for why I wrote this card. Someone was trying to bully me into doing their job as well for reasons that made sense in their head. I simply chose not to entertain them.

I did not yell. I did not curse. As those would have been counterproductive.

Instead I worked with this person to get the patient to their room. I understood that this person was frustrated by a lot of things outside of work and things they had no control over. I also had no control over these things.

The proverb of you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar is true. And very useful for a harmonious department. Did this person and I have a later conversation as to why what they were demanding was not appropriate for the workplace and that I would appreciate not being bullied? Yes. Simply and without emotion I explained their demands were not going to be met with me jumping to their bark. And they haven’t barked at me since.

The proverb goes both ways. If you want something, don’t tell me I need to do it or make demands. Simply ask.

Having this conversation about tone and timing has gone a long way to calming the waters between that person and myself. They now know I can’t be bullied and I don’t get mad enough to yell. But I will help if asked. And all subsequent times that I was asked to do something for the PACU department I can see the change in the words when they actively think about what they are asking.

Don’t get mad, and curse, and stomp. For pete’s sake don’t run to the bosses and tattle. We are all adults. Ask for a frank and genuine conversation after the current situation has cooled. It will be amazing what can happen.

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