AORN Expo and conference 2023 thoughts

All podium presentation applications are due on Sunday.

I have 2 ideas that I am considering.

Number one is the the phoenix rising of shared governance in a corporation. I am on that committee. It is very important work. I think I would have to get permission from the C-suite though. Or I can spin it as the using whatever the corporation comes up with in my home hospital as a test case. I don’t know, maybe. I like the imagery of the phoenix rising from the wreck of the last two and a half years.

Number two is Don’t Mind the Pager; or how to stop worrying and love the call. This would be soundly in my wheelhouse. Call should not be scary. I have a project going around call bootcamp in conjunction with my Call Preserver tip book. I am proud of this book, and for the unit for not getting rid of it when I started the call shift and stopped being the evening charge nurse. I know it has helped people and I show every new nurse when I am doing the call bootcamp. I just need to formalize it into an actual project. I wonder if I will need IRB.

Or I am just a unicorn who likes call.

All poster applications will be due at a later date, probably October. Okay, I quick checked the website, October 2. I will be writing up both these ideas for poster abstract. I’ve had two in one conference before, why not try both.

But the big question mark of the entire AORN conference for me is the location of the 2023 conference. The conference will be held in San Antonio, Texas.

I am of 2 minds about going. Yay! Conference. Boo! Texas and its extreme limiting of women’s rights. I have negative desire to go to Texas in this political climate. However, I am beginning a project with other AORN members regarding a novice OR nurse publication and I wonder if participation will be highly encouraged, if not mandatory. I can also get ideas for further projects of my own, this may be useful for school.

On the third hand I do not want to be a second class citizen and give money to the state that acts like I am less than.

Because I happen to have 2 X chromosomes.

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