Covid update 7/12/22-AGAIN! AGAIN!

And here we are again.


There is a new alarming covid variant that is spreading rapidly.


For a very brief moment this spring my hospital’s covid cases dropped to zero. For less than a week. Something to be celebrated, yes, but it didn’t last long. I’ve been monitoring the covid hospitalization rate for what seems like forever, at least since testing and reporting became a thing.

The OG covid is Alpha, and then Beta didn’t do much of anything and certainly did not become the most widespread. I don’t remember Gamma at all. Must have been a flash in the pan. And then came delta in Summer/Fall 2021, followed by Omicron fast on its heels in November/December. And then the offspring variants of Omicron started showing up. Omicron BA.2, Omicron BA.4 were each more infectious than the last as the virus learned. Now we have Omicron BA.5. It is now the prevalent covid variant in the country, as 65% of all cases are sequenced as it.

Covid evolves quickly. That is 3 subvariants that are making inroads into the population in less than 7 months.

And then there another. BA.2.75. Arising from India. Some dude on Twitter named it Centaurus. And the name stuck. Naming your enemies is supposed to help them be defeated. Um, guys, I don’t think it is working like that.

These variants are all more and more infectious as they learn to step around immune response, either from prior infection or vaccination. This is known as immune escape and that was a phrase I never wanted to learn.

Some people are going to work sick with covid. I get it, you have to earn a living, but although you will likely survive, others you come in contact with may not be as lucky. At least you will save money on gas. (weak joke)

I read several articles that if you get sick, you should assume that it is covid. That is how widespread it is. Not that we’ll know for certain, unless you get tested. Because testing, has fallen out of vogue. I’m not sure if this like when my cat reaches for my pizza with her eyes closed, I think she is reasoning that if she can’t see me, I can’t see her. Or, to use a fable, the emperor has no clothes.

We are all sick of this merry go round. Trust me when I say that healthcare workers are the most disgusted of it of everyone.

It is like a round, why, why is this happening? Because of low vaccination rates, giving the virus plenty of time to evolve into something even more deadly. Just get the vaccination already. I can’t believe I am still writing about this.

The refrain: wear your mask, stay home if you are sick, get vaccinated and boosted if you have not. A 2nd booster is available to those over 50. If you of that population, get the second booster. You might still get sick, but it will not be as severe or deadly. And you might survive.

Wear your mask when you are out. I have read articles that the outside air may not be as noninfectious as last year. Reasons? Please see last two paragraphs.

The WHO came out with a warning that covid is nowhere near over. Despite the rosy misguided thinking of most people, but Americans most of all.

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