Healthcare workers are tired

I know, such a news flash.

The world is tired, lady.

There is war.

There are fires.

There are ever increasing in strength hurricanes.

There are ever increasing temperatures that are rendering some places all but uninhabitable.

There is a supreme court in the US that has decided that a woman has no control over her own body. For an idea of a child. It isn’t a child; it is a clump of cells with potential.

Next up is the war on birth control. Because why not?

There is climate change that is quite handily the fault of humans. Same humans who don’t believe in it look to the sky when there is a disaster and shriek why? Um, because we are poisoning the planet and you can’t get your head around the whole sacrifice just a little bit of comfort for the greater good idea.

Inflation I’ll cover tomorrow.

It is a scary time to be a human.

It definitely is a scary time to be a woman.

There is so much that needs to be top of mind and top of wallet it is exhausting.

Yeah, but healthcare workers have borne the brunt of the world’s health for two and a half years now. And it is getting heavy.

And since covid can’t go away until everyone takes it seriously and I guess we are in a holding pattern there too.

And now monkeypox (to be renamed by the WHO) has gotten a foothold and infections are increasing. Oh, boy.


Just breathe.

And then pull up your big girl or boy panties and get to work.

The environment needs us.

Humans need us.

Women who are in danger every day need us.

The world needs us.

Let’s get to work.

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