Friday Funsies- 6/24/22

I’ve been noticing a trend in my posts. They sometimes can be a downer, with an odd funny one thrown in. I’ve decided to be more intentional with the funny ones. Yes, the world is a bit of a scary place but there is humor to be found, even in healthcare and nursing. This is the first Friday Funsies post.

Of course, my humor isn’t for everyone. It is dark and can be self-deprecating.

Oh, well.

In an effort to learn all the things that I am doing during the run-up to school starting in August, and also learning things I think I need to know prior to school, I’ve been doing classes and webinars. What about? All manner of things.

The use of UV disinfection for hospital rooms. The cleaning of the instrumentation and the special cleaning methods used for high level disinfection things that can’t be sterilized. More about blogging and WordPress. More about writing in general. The funniest one I’ve done is You’re Not a Shitty Writer series. This one is about the self-doubt that all writers have. I finished up the AORN Expo education that I did not get to do in person because of conflicting times. I did investing for dummies (not it’s actual title), and a how to not freak out when the market is webinar.

The point is I do 3-4 hours of education a week. Because if not me, then who?

This last week I was in an Excel class put on by the local library. There are many classes that my library put on; this is the third class I’ve been to. And I know I need a refreshed on using Excel as I will be using it extensively during university.

It was meant to be a class of 5, but just myself and another showed up. A 12-year-old whose father had signed them up and accompanied them to class for half of it.

The instructor was showing us the various bells and whistles of setting up a basic Excel workbook page. And the 12-year-old and I were following along, doing the exercised in tandem with the instructor on the library computers. Until it came time to save.

In Excel there are multiple ways to do pretty much everything. This holds true with saving. There is the menu button, there is the save icon at the top, there is Control S.

The instructor told us to use the save icon at the top left of the screen. This looks like a floppy disc. The 12-year-old couldn’t find it. Said they didn’t know what a floppy disc was.

The instructor and I shared a look. Of course, the kid had never been exposed to a floppy disc as the only world they knew was cloud based.

We did not laugh. It was not the kid’s fault that technology had changed since we’ve learned about technology.

How to get Microsoft to change their save icon? Letter writing campaign? Or a TikTok?

The juxtaposition between generations in using the computer. But I think it is emblematic of all generational push and pull. And this is why the next education I seek out will be about teaching different generations. Because if i am serious about teaching college I must learn how to speak their language.

I almost said cool kid language, but I’ve never been cool.

And I know that learning about generational education styles will let me educate other healthcare workers in the hospital.

Yeah, this was only mildly funny. I’ll try harder next week.

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