Monday’s Musings 6-20-22- covid vaccine roll out for the littlest

All last week I waited with bated breath watching for the FDA to finally approve the covid vaccine for children ages 6 months to 5 years. I have friends who have been waiting for this for as long as their babies have been born.

The approval finally came down on Thursday.

And the CDC followed up on Saturday and voted unanimously to grant emergency status.

Yes, it is true that kids don’t get as sick as adults. But it is still potentially lethal to children, as at least 450 kids under 6 have died.

I know people who have been in virtual lockdown as there is a member of the household who cannot get the vaccine and cannot send their child to pre-school or school in case they bring the virus home to their family member.

Is vaccinating their child a choice every parent will make? No.

Should they consider the options and not listen to histrionics who claim that the vaccine magnetizes your child or you, or has a tracking chip in it? Yes.

People like these who have politicized the vaccine roll out because it suits them and go on to poison others with their warped thinking are the reason covid is still a thing. And still evolving. And people are still dying.

There are new variants I’ve been watching in the UK-BA.4 and BA.5. This variant seems to be able to somewhat dodge the antibodies from vaccination and infection. But if we keep going like we are down this path of variants there will be a variant that can completely ignore the antibody status, regardless of how it is obtained.

And then we will be right back where we started. A virus with no vaccine that can teach your body to attack the virus.

And the hamster wheel would begin again.

Don’t make us go back in time.

Get your vaccine.

Vaccinate your children.

This is the only palatable way of ending this.

And if I have to plan my trip to the UK again for the 5th time, we will have words. And they will not be nice ones.

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