Cookie Thursday 6/9/22- pancake bites

The Inflation Baking theme is continuing on for a second month.

But this recipe has 3 tablespoons of butter in it. That’s cool, I think, a normal batch of cookies has 16 tablespoons of butter in it.

Again I pulled out the mini muffin pans and filled each well 3/4 full.

I topped each one with one of three things.



Or mini mini chocolate peanut butter cup. These things are maybe a centimeter big. I bought them to use as a chocolate chip substitution.

One muffin pan always sticks. I think I will clean it up and find another use for it. Or donate it.

Covid is surging again. The hospital went from 1-2 patients to 8. All in a couple of weeks.

I’m just over here wearing my mask if I go ANYWHERE.

But, hey, at least there hasn’t been any mass casualty events because someone got mad and decided to take it out on the healthcare system trying desperately to help.

Knock wood.

Our London trip is in 8 weeks.


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