Cookie Thursday 5/26/22- pimento cheese

Pimento cheese?

That isn’t a cookie, you say.

True. But it is one of my go to potluck staples.

And today is an orthopedic surgeon’s last surgical day before his retirement.

And there is a potluck. Any excuse for a potluck in the OR.

We like to eat. I have always said that the OR is an army that marches on its stomach.

Instead of making cookies this week I decided to make pimento cheese instead. The party was near the time I bring cookies. And the eating of the cookies go down when there is a party. I brought something to the potluck instead.

The number one requested savory that I make for potluck is the pimento cheese.

This is a food stuff that I embraced upon moving to the south.

It is simple; only four ingredients. But so good. I give out the recipe every potluck.

8 oz finely shredded sharp cheddar

1/2 small jar of pimentos

12-15 shakes of Tobasco sauce- this can be done to taste

2-4 tbs mayonnaise- this can be done to taste. I do not like a goopy cheese

Serve with crackers.

So long and thanks for the fish, doc.

We’ll see you in a couple of months when the idea of retirement becomes boring.

To those who think that pimento cheese cannot be put in cookies, to date I have used pimento cheese in

  1. baked pimento cheese crisps which is baked circles of the cheese as prepared
  2. pimento cheese thumbprints with triple pepper jelly
  3. cheese straws
  4. pimento cheese shortbread
  5. pimento cheese cheezits

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