Monday’s Musings 5/23/22-yes, that sign means you

I went to the eye doctor today. My yearly appointment/screening is usually in October but there is exciting things happening starting in August. I want new glasses for London and for university.

Prior to entering the office I noted that there were 2 signs indicating that mask wearing is required on the doors. There were also plexiglass dividers at the receptionist and another sign, with a box of masks saying, again, that masks were required. Everyone in the office was masked.

I checked in at took the paperwork to the chairs to fill out.

Normally I go to the first appointment of the day, usually 0800, and there were more people than I’ve been around in the office. All masked. But I made the decision to get my exam early, even if my normal doctor is out until August.

Two other patients followed me in. One, a woman, was masked. The other, a man with his 7 year old, was not. The receptionist asked him pointedly if he had a mask. Because masks are required, as evidenced by the three signs that he had to pass to get to the desk.

Caught, he mumbled, “Oh, I did not realize we were still doing that.”

I am not sure what he thought after passing the three signs, and reading one aloud to his kid. Did he think that the receptionist was going to smile and tell him never mind?

Unsmilingly she passed him a paper mask. Didn’t give one to the kid, but whatever. He sheepishly put it on and took his paperwork to the chairs to fill out.

Let us unpack that a bit.

The eye doctor is examining your eyes.

Which are separated from your mouth by your nose. Both of these are prime droplet spreading suspects. And, I’m not sure if he knows this, we are in the middle of another surge. And a very devastating milestone just passed. 000

Because the pandemic is not over just because most Americans want to go back to their lives.

Insert eye roll.

Yes, wear your damned mask to protect the eye doctor and their staff.

No, don’t pout when the receptionist gives you that soundless look and passes you a mask from the box of masks on the desk.

Be a good role-model for your kid.

The rest of my appointment went by.

I chose new glasses that will be ready in about a month.

Well ahead of the events in August.

After I paid, half listening to the same man saying loudly that he preferred blue or brown glasses, I chose a lollipop to take home.

Because I was a good patient and not snarky.

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