Cookie Thursday 5/19/22-sad cake

Inflation baking continues this week with the sad cakelets. By cakelet I mean an entire batch of a cake re-imagined and baked in the mini muffin tins. A little cake.

One of the most intriguing cakes I’ve had in a while is the sad cake. This was brought to my attention by one of my favorite pre-op nurses.

Apparently it is so named because you are sad it is gone after you’ve eaten it.

And this is true.

She always saved me a bit if she ever baked one and brought it in. Otherwise the locusts that we work with would have eaten it.

It involves 4 eggs, 1 pound of brown sugar, 2 c of Bisquick, 2 cups chopped nuts, and a splash of vanilla.

Looking at the ingredients I thought that there was no way that 4 eggs would be enough liquids for the entire cake. But it is. And this is what earns it a week in the inflation baking month. It is no less impossible than the other cakes I have been making.

This is a dense, flavorful mini cake.

There is no reason this cake is this good, except for the pound(!) of sugar.

So often my recipes and Cookie Thursday is a Thing arises from the can I bake that into cookies question. And yes, yes I can.

Next time I will add more nuts. And, ooh, should I roast the nuts first.

Yeah, this is how the creative baking juices get going.

And there is a frosting. Of course there is. I’ve been clear on my feelings on making frosting. Which are usually negative. But they have been tempered by the decision to serve the frosting on the side. This way people can use as much, or as little frosting as they want.

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