1,000,000 American Dead

Well, we’ve crossed the one million dead mark.

That is one MILLION.

That is just under the 2020 population for San Jose, California.

To write that I am appalled on behalf of people I don’t even know would be too pale an example.

This is what we in the healthcare field were afraid of. Why we pounded and continue to pound the idea of simple measures to keep the population safe; wear a mask in crowded areas, maintain social distancing, wash your damned hands.

But no.

That appears to be too simple for some people. They would rather see the world burn that to do something simple to help another person.

This is all over the media. And before you poo-poo the media I mean it is all over the media, in all the trusted places that I’ve been reading from for years. Not the echo chambers that are ignoring the numbers, and have been all along.

The media exists to hold up a mirror to society. And this society is looking pretty sad right now. Oh, you’re tired of covid and want to live life as if it doesn’t exist? The one million dead do not have that choice. Society has taken it away from them.

I read a report yesterday about how many unnecessary dead there are. NPR reported on the Brown Public Health Report that was recently released about the number of unnecessary dead in each state. To put it another way, this is the number of people that would have survived if complete vaccination had taken place. If everyone had rolled up their sleeves and accepted the vaccine.

That number that would have survived if there had been more complete acceptance of vaccination? Nearly 319,000.

Would there have been some losses? Yes, because we know that covid is a killer. But nearly a third less.

And the death rate, that had been stable for a number of weeks, is beginning to rise again.

There are no more words.

Reference: Of 1 million COVID deaths, how many could have been averted with vaccines? : Shots – Health News : NPR

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