Cooking Thursday 05/05/2022- Inflation baking, spice cakelets edition

The theme for the month is going to be inflation baking. I was going to call it inflation cookies, but what I am baking is based on recipes from the Great Depression and WWII.

Because inflation is real. It is not caused by our government, it is caused by the US coming out of a pandemic. In my core I think this was always going to happen. It is happening world wide. And the war in Ukraine is not helping matters; in fact it is harming matters because much of the world depends on food from Ukraine.

These recipes that I will be doing for the next month have no butter. Which is the most expensive ingredient in Cookie Thursday. There are no eggs. And now that there has been an ongoing outbreak of bird flu that has been impacting eggs and egg production, this recipe double fits into the theme.

I am aware that today is Cinco de Mayo. Which is mostly a made up holiday in the US. To that end I made spice mine cakes. People ask why I didn’t make flan; some things are best left to the masters and that is not me in the department.

The recipe calls for frosting. Well, the recipes call for an 8 inch cake pan, and I needed to make small servings of the cake, enough for the department. I will be serving the frosting on the side. I hate working with frosting anyways.

When I pulled out the mini muffin pans to bake the cookies, I was surprised, not surprised that I have 3!

The filled mini muffin pans when into a 350 degree oven and I decreased the baking time. Because decreased mass = less baking time.

People the world over are being impacted by inflation, myself included. I hope this theme resonates with my coworkers and impacts and sparks giving.

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