PhD program update

I imagine these posts are pretty boring. I will continue them once a month as a grand wrap up of my progress toward PhD.

Yesterday, my husband finally asked the why question. To be fair I was asking this myself. What will a PhD do for me in my current job, healthcare system? Not much is the answer. All the degrees I’ve gotten have been a defensive move toward not being able to function as an OR nurse anymore.

He was surprised by the I want to write textbooks answer. I mean, have you met me?

Class does not start in September like I thought. The school year starts August 9. The reason I know this is I looked it up as part of the research assistant grant follow up. I was chosen. This means I am indebted to 10 hours of work for a professor per week. I hope the call job continues to enable me to say yes. I have to give them an answer by the end of week.

Being a research assistant will look good on my resume. It will also enable me to teach some classes, I think, and grade. I get to finally use my MSN in a constructive manner.

But what about the great white whale of a trip? For London. If school starts this is gonna be awkward? The short answer is that yes we are still going. I immediately emailed my advisor when I realized. She said I would be fine for the first in-person day of class. It is my online elective that I have not yet chosen or signed up for. I will have access in London, and I can make-up my first day of class. It will make a hell of a story to tell my classmates.

Even with the $10k stipend, I am still applying to scholarships like mad. I joined a clearinghouse of sorts, with my professional email address. I have not gotten any, but it has only been 2 days since I started applying there. I also am applying to all the other usual suspects: AORN, NCNA, the company that credentials my CNOR, the American Nurse’s Association. I imagine I will have to also do the FAFSA.

I am also in the process of upgrading my clothes for this new reality. Many of my clothes are tired after working on my body during the pandemic. Many of my clothes are not appropriate or professional. My husband is thrilled.

I did order a professional type bag off of Kickstarter. The pandemic weighing on shipping and manufacturing I have not yet received it. Maybe by school start. I know that the boxes of bags has left the port and is on their way because I get frequent updates.

I hope the progress in May will be the completion of two more rooms in the house. I would say 3 but I am stuck for progress. I would rather read, especially since part of the letter was a book suggestion before school even starts. I am waiting on availability at the library.

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