In-person meeting. yay?!!

Today was our monthly shared governance meeting for the hospital.

And it was in person!

You think I would be leery of in person after the AORN cluster that did not infect me. Because I was wearing a mask.

But I’m trying. Okay?

There were only 4 of us at the meeting, properly spaced out. Three more were on the phone. And one of the 4 was several people dropping in and saying their piece and leaving. And staying 6 feet away from the rest of us.

Sort of a zoom hybrid.

With snacks.

Will do lots for free breakfast apparently.

I wore a mask into the hospital. And took it off in the conference room, after the door was shut. And also masked up for the restroom and to walk to my car.

I have much to do regarding shared governance.

The corporation is realizing that this pandemic has been very hard on staff and many of our staff have left. For travelling, or other reasons. There will now be conversations about what we all know has happened.

The infection rate is stable and low where I live. Hospitalizations are less than 7 patients per day, with several days (6) in the last month that had zero patients.

I hope this continues.

I live in a high vaccinated area. Next to a low vaccinated area and I will leave my mask on for the foreseeable future when I go out. Grocery store, Target, the bookstore, and the library are always on my radar.

Give me funny looks when I go about masked.;

Don’t care.

But not among people who are socially distanced and vaccinated.

I thoroughly enjoyed by cinnamon Danish and fruit. And the free water.

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