Cookie Thursday 4/7/22

The theme for April is coconut cookies. Why? I have four coconut cookie recipes. Why else?

Coconut does not get enough love. Especially in a cookie.

I was going to kick off April Cookie Thursday is a Thing with washboard cookies. I had never heard of these cookies. They are a shortbread, with coconut milk replacing some of the butter, too much flour, at least in the recipe I am using. And a frosting, which I hate, with coconut “bubbles”. The cookie is meant to be striated, like a washboard.

I had my doubts for this cookie, based solely on the amount of flour in the recipe. I’ve been doing weekly cookies for a LONG time now and I know when the proportions are off. The results are edible but bland. Freshly baked but oddly stale tasting.

There is a new grocery store near the hospital. Time to see if there is a bought coconut cookie to be had. Because I am not sure I can serve up the cookies I made.

Nurses don’t get enough love. Especially in court these days.

The backlash against nursing has begun. I wish I wasn’t right about this.

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