Post-it 1/30/22-Go ahead, yell at me.

The gown card reads, ‘They are welcome to chew me out. They won’t find me very tasty. I’m bitter.’

Many of my post-it notes are written on cards that are attached to sterile gowns to allow the sterile person to stay completely sterile and to close the back of the gown.

I wonder if Dianne Von Furstenberg saw one when she was putting her spin on the wrap dress in the 1970s.

A surgical gown has it all, wrap closure, long sleeves.

But I digress.

In organizing the library, which has been sorely neglected for years, I found a treasure trove of gown cards.

Many circulators keep the gown cards when they have finished tying up a person to be sterile during the operation.

These cards are perforated at the top and are 2.5 inches x 5 inches and are blank on one side.

This is the side that is perfect for jotting notes, numbers, the list goes on and on.

They also fit in the top of pocket in scrubs.

I have been collecting for years.

I have hundreds if not thousands.

I also use these to jot down ideas.

Because sometimes a post-it note is not available.

This this particular gown card is kind of bitter.

I know for a fact that it was written years ago.

But the sentiment is true today.

Some people who try to belittle me, or chew me out, find that I can be factual when I take them down.

People hate that.

Or, if you are bitter to me, I am capable of being bitter back.

However, this is especially true in this healthcare environment we find ourselves in.

The moral of the story, don’t be mean to us when we are trying to help you.

Healthcare workers the world over are tired.

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