Snow is a 4 letter word

Here in the America Southeast there has been a huge disruption in the last 2 days.

This frozen white stuff fell from the sky.

A lot of it.

Must be three, three and a half, four inches.

Enough that the kids next door built a 4 foot tall snowman.

And of course there was sleet involved.

Snow, sleet, snow.

Makes for hazardous driving conditions.

And it is not just a meme that people in the South can’t drive on snow.

They can’t.

Luckily I learned to drive on snow and ice in Nebraska while at Creighton.

Mother Nature doesn’t mess around there.

But the hill out of our neighbor never gets any sun and it takes forever for the ice to melt.

I park in the Park n Ride at the top of the hill and hike down to our house.

But patients.

Patients never let a little white stuff on the roads stop them.

Patients always make it in.

This is a known fact in the hospital system.

We do what we can to ensure there is enough staffing to cover the surgeries.

or I did.

Before my new shift.

Another change I have to account for.

One thought on “Snow is a 4 letter word

  1. A lesson well learned. While living in Denver, Colorado, we had a big snowstorm. I Went to work super early.. most the staff called out. ALL OF THE CATARACT Patients arrived at their scheduled times Talk about motivation. If it is important to you, it WILL happen.


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