Time to wing it

This is the last day of our vacation.

My husband says he can’t wait to go into the office tomorrow.

This is our third staycation since the pandemic began.

And even for homebodies this is getting a bit stale.

Right now the Thursday Cookie is in the oven.

I say cookie, but in reality it is Chex mix.

Another fan favorite for the OR department.

So far this vacation I have NOT done much on my to do list.

I have cleaned our closet.

I did laundry.

I read.


Tomorrow is another chance at my giant to do list.

Tomorrow properly starts my new job as a call nurse.

Tomorrow I get the house to myself, for the first time in what seems like forever.

Certainly since last March when the office closed to in person for my husband.

And then at 2100 I go to the hospital.

I don’t clock in.

I go to finish out the evening shift, and do whatever needs to be done.

To set day shift up for a good Thursday.

There are no parameters on this.

I think I am going to wing it.

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