It’s the final countdown

If you don’t hear synth horns, what have you been doing since the mid 80s?

Yeah, so, the universe is mad at me.

In the last two weeks I have worked my usual: 1430-2300 Monday through Friday.

Laser call Saturday/Sunday 0700-1900.

Night call Saturday/Sunday 1900-0700.

And night call Monday-Friday 2300-0700.

Plus assorted meetings.

This is all completely normal.

And is changing after Friday.

I’m a workaholic.

So what?

Ever since I agreed to change my job role to that of the night call nurse, the universe has been throwing some serious shade my way.

Sorry, whoever I happen to be working or on call with.

Sunday was no exception.

I had an unusual call case in the middle of the afternoon,

The normal weekend team was busy.

And this was an emergency.

4 hours later, I was home.

At then the tech and I were called in for a big belly case.

The usual: perforation somewhere, tanking blood pressure.

And then the universe threw us a dislocated body part that does not usually dislocate.

At 0400.

And me having a car appointment at 0700.

I could have cried.

I am pretty sure the CRNA did.

And after that I had a meeting at 1100.

Do you think the universe knows that my life is changing in 4 days?

I think she does.

And I think she is PISSED.

Sorry, universe.

Sometimes change is good, you know?

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