Inadvertent peeping- hazard of nurses everywhere

Inadvertent peeping is a hazard for nurses.


As I am walking down the stepdown unit in this hospital far, far away from own, I am making sure to look straight ahead.

For a trained nurse the impulse is to look into every patient room.

Just to make sure the patient is not in obvious need.

Just to make sure the patient is not on the floor.

Just to make sure the patient is still there.

This doesn’t come without a patient sometimes calling out for a passerby who they see peering into their room.

Even if that passerby is not their nurse.

I did not want to be called out.

This is not my hospital.

This is not my state.

I am just here to visit my father, thank you very much.

And the HIPPA violations would be immense.

It is not unlike driving in the Tenderloin district.

I have a strict no eye contact policy.

At lunch I was mentioning to my mom that I had this struggle.

To look straight ahead and not look into rooms.

My mom, a longtime nurse, agreed.

Without question.

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