Tattling the OR out

I was heading to the emergency room one day.

To pick up a surgical patient.

Because, you know, I like to spoil ACU.

This was near the height of the latest covid surge in the hospital and gurneys and beds were lining the halls outside of the emergency room.

I passed an unmade stretcher.


And went back to the stretcher.

On gurneys there is a slot specifically made for an oxygen tank.

And this gurney had an O2 tank hanging out the side.

Most decidedly not in the O2 slot.

I took a picture to show the plant engineering people that we do know how to fix glaring problems.

And I put the O2 back in its slot.

And continued to the ED to pick up the patient.

I ran into the plant engineering head yesterday.

And I stopped him to show him the picture.

I told him that I had definitely fixed the problem.

He thanked me and asked if I had any other pictures of such examples.

Because he uses them as a what is wrong with this picture visual interest on his slides.

I laughed and said ‘do I!’

He may be sorry he asked for picture.

Which one should I send him next?

I’m thinking of the one where there is a step blocking the return grate of the air handler.

I have no problem tattling on the OR.

Not if it leads to solutions.

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