Remember vacations-part 2

In the continuation of the notes I took from our Disney World vacation from 8 years ago:

Day 2 (10/17/13)

Reading, in the hotel room because someone is sleeping in. Perfect.

What? Doesn’t everyone take 12 books with them on vacation, and 6 for Jeremy?

I feel like such a drug pusher. Jeremy finished the books that he wanted to read. I walk over to him, book in hand and say, “psst, you wanna try some John Steakley? Or I’ve got some Star Trek. Come on, first chapter is free.”

There are seven books waiting for me at the library when we get home. Hmm.

Seven-hour drive, library closes at 6 pm, leaving at 6 in the morning.

And that is the last of the book humor for today. Because I am now packing us up for a trip to Harry Potter.

We’ve been on vacation for seven days. (Yes, someone is at the house. Thanks, Dad!) but SEVEN days and today our bank decides that someone must be using up card fraudulently in Florida. No calls to my cell, no e-mails, no texts, just a robo call to the hospital I work at. Just…ooh, I’m too disgusted!

And of course, we were at the last theme park at that time, in line for a ride. Way to torpedo the day, bank.

No one ever wants to take our money at restaurants. We’ve been kept waiting 10-15 minutes at a time. Servers (8 or 9), including our own pass our table and will not take the bill folder that is strategically placed on the far corner of the table. I know we are a quiet group of two without crying or screaming but seriously?

Of course one wants to take our money at restaurants to this day.

2 middle aged adults sitting, talking quietly, playing a pass along game on a phone.

I’m still not very good at vacations.

Most of our vacations are usually spent at family functions.

We try to steal away to a hotel at least once a year and have at the very least a long weekend.

If you are DINKS (double income no kids) that is the expectation.

At least we did.

No vacation other than the house in the last year and a half.

We were very close to booking another vacation to London for December of this year.

To use up the money that we had spent in January of 2020 on plane tickets to London.

That otherwise will revert back to the bank at the end of 2021.

Um, there’s a pandemic on.


And some of us work in healthcare.

But events happened that made me want to stay state side for this vacation.

And the new variant is increasing in Britain.

Now we are planning a small get away to a mask friendly area.

In the beginning of December.

Maybe Washington DC.

But Washington DC hates us.

Long story short: shingles on one trip, Hurricane Sandy on another.

But if we can’t go to museums in London, we can go to museums in DC.

With masks on.

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