Post-it 10/3/21- the endgame

The post-it reads ‘to the new to evenings CRNA, you’re in the endgame now.’

We have had a crop of new CRNAs who work until 1900 or are the call CRNA.

It is always interesting when a new CRNA looks around and sees how busy we are.

It is as if they don’t understand why we are still doing cases in the nighttime.

The OR takes all cases and does them at all times.

Whatever the patient needs, we do.

I am a huge Marvel fan.

Have been since I was a child.

I have many boxes full of comic books.

This is an Infinity War part 2 reference.

Dr. Strange tells Iron Man that they are in the endgame now.

Meaning it is the one chance to defeat Thanos.

Evening shift is not at war with anyone.

But I love this quote.

Because to me it means that there is work still left to do and we have patients to take care.

Until the shift ends, or the call team comes in.

Whichever happens first.

P.S. my favorite Avenger is Hawkeye, who fights even when he is hopelessly outnumbered with his skill.

Kind of like the OR.

Except we take them on one case at a time.

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