In person nursing conference- masked

The state nursing association is holding their annual convention in a nearby town. .

I am a member of this association.

Last month, when they were debating whether or not to call the convention and put it completely online there was a poll.

I love polls, so I did it.

And the results were that 89% of the potential attendees are vaccinated.

And that the majority of them had indicated they would feel comfortable at a convention where safety protocols are in place.

Including me.

So I am here at the convention center for as long as I can be, masked.

You know, because I worked last night and I have to work again at 1430.

And I would LOVE a nap.

This is a hybrid convention with some sessions live and some sessions recorded.

Before this, with the AORN and Lippincott conventions I have already participated in, I had 54.8 continuing education hours.

And I should earn 18.5 hours for these two days, including the on-long portion.

Meaning 73.3 hours for the three conventions.

And I need 135 every five years for my CNOR.

Not too shabby.

And I’ve learned a TON.

Learning is the battle.

So what if I cried when they asked for anyone who had served in the armed forces to stand up and be acknowledged.

Apparently the blog post of the past week remains heavy on my head and heart.

Normally I would have remained in my seat.

But I stood.

Happy Friday.

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