Two million, nine hundred eighty thousand, three hundred seventy six minutes

2, 980, 376 minutes.

That is five years and eight months without an immediate use steam sterilization for total joints.

5 years and 8 months saying no to surgeons.

Until this week.

Because the surgeon didn’t want to wait.

A flash takes 13 minutes.

A pre-vac takes 25 minutes.

For an impatient surgeon that didn’t want to wait the additional 12 minutes for a pre-vac cycle, the no flash streak in the OR was broken.

For a surgeon that no one had the balls to say no to, the patient is at increased risk of infection.

For a surgeon that just had to have his way, the patient has to be monitored by infection control for 5 years.

Flashing should solely be done in life or limb situations.

I have been working on decreasing the IUSS in the OR for 7 years.

And they fuck it up in one fail swoop because the precious surgeon didn’t want to wait.

I am so disgusted.

And defeated.

And tired.

But, mostly, I am angry.

(the title is an homage to Seasons of Love from Rent: the musical)

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