Consistency, thy name is mud

Over and over and over this last couple of months I have heard the word consistency.

Just looking for a consistency, they say.

Look people, I don’t think that word means what you think it means.

Consistency is showing up and doing the same job in the same way.

Consistency is doing the job even though it is not what you want.

I heard it again yesterday, ‘this person is looking for a little consistency.’


That person is valuable because she lets me shift her schedule to suit the needs of the department.

And she wants the schedule to be in her favor for Christmas.


That week I will schedule her Monday-Wednesday.

I only shift her by a day or two with her permission.

Otherwise she is ALWAYS Monday-Wednesday.

It is only if the schedule is so bad as to require another nurse on Thursday or Friday because of vacations.

This is what I already do.

It is what I have always done.

Do not bleat at me that the staff want a little consistency.

What about what is going on is not consistent?

Or, to put it another way, what can be changed to make it more consistent?

in your eyes?

Or is consistency the new word of the year in the management?

That can be morphed to cover all incidences that make you uncomfortable?

You know what should be consistently communicated to me, the evening crew?

What has come, what is needed, what needs to go.

Case in point, there was a disposable that needed to be sterilized dropped off yesterday.

It was sterilized and placed on the rack.

At no time did ANYONE tell me there was a disposable to be sterilized for a case today.

This has always been daily communicated to me in the past.

And it is retrieved and placed with the case before the end of my shift.

Therefore why is it my fault that they mislaid the piece, actually put it away where it lives, and no one can find it today?

Because no one told me that it had 1) come, 2) was sterilized, and 3) needed to be put with the case.

Instead the blame and the finger pointing begins.

And there is me, with a confused look on my face, unaware of everything that had happened yesterday.

Is that the consistency you want?

Because if blaming me is part of your consistent plan I may need to change my plan.

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