Post-it note 9/5/21 oh so now you care

The post-it reads ‘it’s cool that day shift is now tracking and very, very worried, about having the correct amount of people after 1700. Don’t forget that I’ve been screaming about this for months. But cool, cool, you do you.’

This is a thing that is actually happening.

I’ve been screaming about not having the correct staffing mixture after 1700 for at least six months.

I cajole.

I cry.

I ask people to stay late.


But now that it is the new day shift’s job all of a sudden there is an influx of ideas and people.

And I am charge-splained how important it is to have the correct staffing mixture after 1700.

As if this hasn’t been something evenings has been struggling with for a long, long time.

As if the day charge woke up one day and realized there is a problem and had to fix it.

As if it were her idea.

Now they are paying attention to it, in advance, instead of day of.

Never mind that I have been making them lists of who to ask.

Never mind that I have been making charts of who to require to do it next, so that it is fair.

I am sure this is how Cassandra felt, especially after they took her ideas and her warnings and made them their own and suddenly there was a renewed attention on it.

But I don’t have enough say/sway to explain how fucked up this is.

And charge-splaining is when I am informed of something that they are working on that I

  1. told them about
  2. have been warning for months
  3. really have no idea what people’s schedules are, seeing as how I do the fucking schedule
  4. have nearly a photographic memory for dates and data and supplies

Sorry for the sweary post.

But sometimes only a four letter word will do.

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