Little OR stories

Once upon a time before I used this platform, I wrote little OR stories.

I guess I should say that I still do.

These little OR stories are parodies of children’s books.

I write them mainly for my mother, and had them bound at a little shop that was local.

This little shop is no more.

And I haven’t been inspired for a bit.

This ends next week.

Over the past two weeks, ever since the I can’t find a clamp debacle, I have been taking pictures of clamps when I find them, where I find them.

Kind of like going on a safari.

These will be the Where’s Clampy little OR book.

And last Sunday, as I was called in to do laser on someone already on the table, cheers to that person, I sketched out the plot of another, song related little OR story.

This one will be based on the Devil Went Down to Georgia, by the Charlie Daniel’s Band.

I’m still working on counting the cadence and making it fit what I want to do.

There has to be a reason that doctor and devil each have 2 beats.


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