Death toll over 4 million

And now the Covid worldwide death toll is over 4 million.

And there is a new variant; the lambda variant.

India has passed the US in number of deaths.

Of course we will never know the true death toll.

Too many governments are secretive.

Vaccines have been slowing down here in the states.

There hasn’t been a volunteer shift in over two months.

The fully vaccinated number for my state is 43%. On the positive side, the fully vaccinated over 65 is 80%.

For a country who has the biggest stockpile of vaccines the US is not vaccinating fast enough.

Many people are looking at the vaccine and saying, ‘eh, not for me.’

Can you get brain damage from face palming too much?

How long until the variants overwhelm the vaccines?

And these people who declined vaccination will be wringing their hands crying no one ever told them.


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