So long and thanks for now

This is going to be a hard week.

Two of my very favorite people are leaving.

One is my favoritest CRNA.

She’s stepping down from call work to have more time with her young kids.

Evenings won’t be the same without her.

We’ve had some long hard nights together.

We’ve also had some laughs together.

Have fun with the new schedule.

The second is my evening tech 3 nights a week.

He’s going to a different hospital which will set him up better for retirement after they factor in his years in the military.

He’s been the evening tech since before I got hired.

We worked together at a sister hospital before that.

He’s been my movie buddy.

We’ve talked movies and sci-fi and books for years.

He is staying on as a PRN tech. Let’s see how long that will last.

I think it will be mostly call.

Which, as we all know, is my favorite thing.

This week is the end of an era.

There are some big shoes to fill.

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