Talk about a power trip

The OR is very specific when it comes to the type of power strips that can be used.

Otherwise they are a fire hazard.

It has taken years to get them out of the ORs.


Imagine my surprise when I go to a room to help them turn over and there is a power strip.

An unauthorized power strip.

Behind the back table.

Used to power the flexible sigmoidoscope.

That the MD said he didn’t need power for.


The nurse went to the desk and got a power strip from under the secretary’s desk.

And used it.

It just goes to show that everything can be a teaching moment.

And anything is an opportunity for quality improvement.

I educated the nurse that these power strips are carefully regulated because they are a fire risk.

She didn’t care.

I also retrieved one of the 3 long power cords, which are allowed.

And I will be giving it to the secretary to put it under her desk.

After I tell her not to give out the other one.

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