Taxes done

Not normally something I would post about.

But finished the taxes today.

They are due tomorrow.

Husband insisted I finish them tonight.

So we could get our payment in before midnight.

A day early?

Not going to lie.

It hurt.

It hurt a lot.

Bear in mind we have no children, no dependents, only cats.

And they are not write-off-able.

And I worked a lot this last pandemic year.

Alot, a lot.

Because, you know, pandemic.

Hospital needs must be met.

And it showed in my take home pay.

And it showed in how much was taken out for taxes.

We paid the taxman many thousands of dollars.

Because it is just being good citizens.

However, what about healthcare workers sacrifices over the past year?

The hours in the N-95 masks, covered in another mask because there is a shortage.

The hours in the coveralls, and boots, and faceshields.

The worry we might bring covid home to our families.

The double shifts.

The volunteer shifts.

The must go to work every day spirit.

Even though the pandemic is crushing our spirits.

The anxiety.

The depression.

The bitten down fingernails.

Oh, that last one might just be me.

Is it any wonder I began carrying an emotional support stuffed animal in my bag recently?

Is it any wonder healthcare workers are leaving the field?

26-29% in the cursory search I did.

At least that in my department.

Another nurse announced his retirement on Friday.

I wonder why.

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