What a weird day/week

This has been the oddest week.

On Monday, I agreed to serve as the regional shared governance market chair.

It is a role I have had before.

I will be in it for 7 months, long enough to prepare the next chair for service next year.

It is needed because of the nurses stepping down or leaving the region because of the pandemic.

My department and hospital is having its share of these losses as well.

Now my chair elect and myself have to figure out how to get nurses excited about shared governance.

The shared governance group had been speaking at new employee orientation to introduce new nurses to the concept of shard governance.

This part has been deleted with the pandemic and the retooling education did for orientation.

I have encouraged the CNO of the region to bring it back.

Tuesday was astoundingly busy.

Appy, appy, dislocated hip, appy.

Wednesday night was the same, but only with 2 appendixes, not three.

Wednesday was also the day that a good nurse friend of mine, who had cheerleaded me through my masters, told me her role was changing and she was going to work for the other region.

I have not done shared governance without her.

I hope I can rise to the challenge.

Today, which is Thursday, was like slogging through cement.

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