Well that’s disappointing

Graduation is tomorrow.

And I will be watching the live stream from home.

Because they have the graduation locked up tight.

Tickets were supposed to be sent out this week, just before the event.

And they were sent out 10 days ago.

And the subject line read something about tickets.

And the email was from the event center, not the college.

So I deleted them.

I don’t need tickets to minor league baseball.

Which is what the event will be held at.

When I recognized my mistake, from another email from the college.

The trash function had deleted them.

Apparently I can only keep 1 week of deleted emails in the trash folder.

Who knew?

And then the emails cannibalize themselves.

So I have a plain cap and gown that I had set aside after graduation was cancelled last year.

Because a decorated cap is verboten.

And no tickets.

And my husband received his second covid vaccine on Thursday and he is not feeling his best.

If I had the tickets, there would be no one in the bleachers for me.

I will stay home, put my cap and gown on and watch the live stream from the comfort of my office chair.

My sister was going to go with us.

Maybe I can tempt her to lunch instead.

I will still throw my cap up.

I received my diploma already.

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